Monday, March 8, 2010

Reflections on the halfway point

I've been thinking since my long run about how awesome it was that I ran 6.5 miles. I kept trying to downplay it a little in my mind because compared to other people's runs that I've read about 6.5 miles might be an easy run.

Buuuut...I ran 6.5 miles.
I ran for over an hour.
I felt good during my entire run.
I finished the run strong.
I wasn't sore the day after.
I proved to myself that I can run long distances.

Also, when I was comparing my 5 mile run (my previous distance record) to the 6.5 mile run I just did, I realized that I think I psyched myself out a little during the 5 miler...maybe even the 6.5 miler a little too. I mean, by the time I hit mile 2 (of the 5 miles) I was starting to walk a little bit. I had run 4 miles before that without walking. But somehow, going from 4 to 5 miles seemed like a huge jump. Going from 5 to 6.5 miles didn't feel as difficult--I ran a lot farther before I started to walk and I took fewer walking breaks. I was still really nervous about running for 6.5 miles. I had never gone that distance and didn't know if how my body would feel--how thirsty I would get, whether I'd get hungry, if I'd hit the wall...I haven't hit it yet, but I know it's bound to happen sometime. They can't all be perfect runs.

In a little less than two weeks, I'll be doing my next long run--8 miles. I feel much more confident about this run now that I've done 6.5 miles. Until then, I'll just be keeping up with my little runs.

I bought some Rice Krispies today...time for a bedtime snack!


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