My Races

A list of the runs that I've signed up for so I finish them, I'll post some thoughts on the races.


April 30, 2011: Crazy Legs. Doing it again. It's a fun run and who wouldn't love running down the football field?

May 29, 2011: Madison Half-Marathon. Going in for round two. They've changed the route, making it a lot more interesting. I'm going to start praying now for cooler weather, though.


April 24, 2010: Crazy Legs. An 8-K run through downtown Madison that ends in Camp Randall with free beer and the UW Marching Band. Beat my pace goal of 10:30/mile--I ran it in 48:03!

May 30, 2010: Madison Half-Marathon. Another run in downtown Madison. This is my first half-marathon! The big thing is that I finished. The sad, is that it was close to 90 degrees with the humidity by the time I finished the race. Needless to say, my run was pretty slow.

August 21, 2011: Madison Mini-Marathon (aka half marathon). I was enjoying the training for the Madison Half so much that I signed up for this race before I even ran my first half-marathon. Then, I strained the ligaments in my thumb two weeks before the race and had a cast up to my elbow until the day before the race. I didn't run it.