Friday, July 8, 2011


i could've sworn i had posted just a week or two ago. odd...

anyways, my motivation lately has been zero. despite the fact that i'm getting married in 36 days and going for my first dress fitting this afternoon, working out hasn't seemed that interesting. i can feel myself slowly moving towards being ready to workout again soon, but i'm pretty sure i have shin splints. awesome.

also, i clearly struggle with a blog. i'm going to try putting a reminder on my calendar to check in here once a week. that's not a huge time commitment.

so here's what's happened this week:

  • i gained 0.2 pounds over the long weekend. i was pretty surprised that it wasn't more since i drank a lot more than usual, but i really didn't snack at all and i won't discount sweating out the calories on a hot day.
  • i managed to workout twice this week. the past month or so, i've made it one day, so there's improvement. i hit up the gym right away on tuesday morning for my quick 1 miler and strength training. kept the momentum going with a 1.5 mile run in my neighborhood on wednesday night. then i fell off the wagon.
to get myself motivated again, i've joined a challenge on to run 40 miles in 30 days. very doable really, since that comes out to 1.33 miles per day and i'm pretty sure i've got it in me to do at least 2 miles. my current workout plan should get me to the goal. i'll be starting it up next monday and it looks like this:


if i keep to this schedule, i'll end up a mile short, so i'll have to squeeze that in somehow. and this should definitely get me feeling good for the wedding.

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