Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My first

I've been training for my first half-marathon for over two months now...well, more training for the actual training. There's still 15.5 weeks until the run (I'm not calling it a race because I definitely don't plan on racing anyone) and from what I've read 12 weeks of training is generally good enough to get you through to the finish line.

When I first started seriously running again in December, I thought about starting a blog as a way to track my progress and keep myself accountable. However, as the holidays and travelling started I couldn't find much time to get this blog together...but it kept lingering in the back of my mind and sometimes as I was running, I'd think of something to write about.

So, here's the first post. I plan on writing a few times a week and eventually I'll get in all of the back stories too of why I got in to running and then, after 5 years of running casually, decided to jump from random 5K runs to a half-marathon. Be excited.


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